100% Silicone Super Quality SGS Certified Fish Tank Sealant, Aquarium Sealant

Junbond® JB-5160 is a one-component silicone sealant that cures acidic. When exposed to air, it
cures quickly to form a flexible and durable sealant. It has excellent resistance to severe weather.



Technical Data

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1.Single component, acidic room temperature cure.
2.Excellent adhesion to glass and most building materials.
3.Cured silicone rubber elastomer with excellent long-term performance in the temperature range of -50° C to +100° C.

Instructions for use:

1.Before construction, a test of the adhesion of the sealant to the substrate should be carried out to confirm the suitability of the product.
2.The substrate should be thoroughly cleaned with solvent or suitable cleaning agent, kept dry and glued within 30 minutes of cleaning.
3.Suitable sizing temperature range 5℃~40℃

Restrictions on use:

1.Not suitable for structural bonding and sealing.
2.Not suitable for all materials containing oil or exudate.
3.Not suitable for bonding and sealing of metallic materials or materials with coating on the surface, except stainless steel, fluorocarbon spraying and aluminium oxide.
4.Not suitable for bonding and sealing of mirror glass and glass coated surfaces.


1 Please use this product in a well-ventilated environment.

2 The solvent used should comply with the appropriate safety regulations.

3 Please keep the product out of the reach of children.

4 If the eyes are inadvertently melted by uncured sealant, they should be washed immediately with water or seek medical attention.

Storage and transport:

Storage period: 12 months, please use within the expiry date; Store in a dry, ventilated and cool place below 27°C and transport as non-dangerous goods.

Production date:

See package code

Standard: GB/T14683-2017

Important note:

As the conditions and methods of use are beyond our control, it is up to the user to determine the suitability of the product and the most appropriate method of use. The company only warrants that the product complies with the relevant standards and makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, and the user's sole remedy is limited to return or replacement of the product. The company expressly disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages.

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    Junbond® JB-5160 is suitable for making and installing


    • Large glass;
    • Glass assembly;
    • Aquarium glass;
    • glass fish tanks









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