Hubei Junbom Group Donate 100,000RMB to help needy students

On August 28th, Xingshan County Party Secretary Wang Xiaobo led the heads of Xingfa Group, Development and Reform Bureau, Finance Bureau and other units to Hubei Junbang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. to learn more about the progress of the project, investigate the enterprise development plan, and hold a ” Serving Junbang, Developing Junbang, and Achieving Junbang” and the first anniversary of the construction of Junbang Technology Company.

Wang Xiaobo and his entourage walked into the factory, workshop, and R&D center to observe and understand the production and operation of the company, and inquired in detail about the company’s technical advantages, development model, and other difficulties. During the investigation, Wang Xiaobo fully affirmed the work effect of Junbang Science and Technology Project from the start of the project to the official commissioning of the project in just one year.

“Looking forward to the future, standing at a new historical starting point, Junbang people will set a higher goal and pursue, and make every effort to promote the accelerated development of the enterprise.” At the symposium, Junbang Group Chairman Wu Buxue was confident in the development of Junbang Technology Company. . He said that Junbang Technology Co., Ltd. will take root in Xingshan. In the second half of the year, in addition to promoting the normal production and operation of existing projects, it will start the construction of the second phase of the construction sealant project, and actively introduce other brother companies to Xingshan to invest in Xingshan for the construction of Xingshan. The province’s mountainous ecological and economically strong counties add new power.

The heads of the County Development Zone Management Committee, the National Taxation Bureau, the Housing Construction Bureau, the Fire Brigade and other departments made their speeches and promised to actively serve the Junbang company, use practical actions to solve problems for the enterprise, and make Junbang feel at home and be happy to start the business.

Wang Xiaobo pointed out that Junbang Group has created the “junbang speed”, “junbang model” and “junbang model” for the construction of the Xingshan project. The determination and style of the project, and the ability to grasp the market and direction are worth learning from the entire county.

Wang Xiaobo requested that all levels and departments of the county should learn from Junbang and further accelerate the construction of the Xingshan project. It is necessary to deeply analyze Junbang’s experience and practices from the process of investment promotion to completion and commissioning, and take Junbang as an example to further unswervingly accelerate project construction, and promote the construction of the county’s infrastructure, poverty alleviation, industrial development and other aspects. Intensity. It is necessary to unify the thinking, provide high-quality and efficient services for the development of Junbang, and further promote the high-quality and efficient development of the county’s project industries. Departments at all levels must conscientiously implement services such as fire protection, environmental protection, technology, and project acceptance, provide financial policy support in accordance with laws and regulations, and jointly create a service environment that respects business, loves business, pro-business, secures business, and supports business. We must strengthen our confidence and become stronger and stronger. Junbang Company must accelerate technological innovation, strictly implement ecological and environmental protection policies, and improve corporate management; start the second phase of the project as soon as possible, assist in introducing new silicon industry projects, accelerate the formation of industrial clusters, and realize Xingfa, Junbang, Kelin Silicon, and Xingfa Zhixin and other enterprises are developing together to strengthen and expand the Xingshan silicon-based new material industry cluster, and promote project construction to a new level.

Li Guozhang, chairman of Xingfa Group, said that Xingfa Group and Junbang Group are a community of interests and have the same goals. After a long-term demonstration of plant construction, major breakthroughs have been made in environmental protection technology, which meets the development requirements of the Yangtze River protection. Xingfa Group will regard silicon materials as an important pillar industry of Xingfa, unswervingly support Junbang, and focus on the top three goals of the country, and jointly make the silicon material industry more refined, specialized, bigger and stronger.

Post time: May-25-2021