The company held Sales Elite Capability Improvement Training Course

On October 4th,Junbang Group successfully held the “Sales Elite Capability Improvement Training Course” in the conference room of the Tengzhou headquarters. About 50 people in charge of the sales team and business elites are together in the conference room of Tengzhou headquarters.The purpose is to comprehensively and systematically improve the actual combat and management skills of the elites through professional training courses.

This training hired teacher Ma Bin from China Building Materials Business College.

Teacher Ma has many years of experience in marketing management and is an expert with both practical experience and theoretical level of sales management courses in the industry.Through systematic training on how to conduct self-management and sales team management for sales executives, he further enhances the professionalism and management awareness of trainees, and strengthens sales skills and service capabilities. He promoted the determination of each sales team to complete the annual performance target, and devoted himself to work with a full spirit.The training takes various forms such as lectures and group discussions, and is highly praised by the trainees.

Junbom Group Chairman Wu Buxue participated in the training and gave a high evaluation.

Mr. Wu pointed out that in today’s fiercely competitive market environment, we can only continue to learn, strive to improve ourselves, and move forward steadily and steadily with a positive attitude.

Only when everyone thinks together and works hard together, can we ride the wind and waves and move forward courageously.

Post time: May-25-2021