Anti-fungus silicone sealant

Junbond®971 this is an acetoxy curing, permanently flexible sanitary silicone containing a powerful anti-fungal compound for long term resistance to fungus and mildew.

•Long term fungus and mildew resistance
•High elasticity and flexibility
•Quick curing – low dirt pick up





  • Single component, easy to use, good extrudability and thixotropy at 4℃~40℃;
  • Deketoxime type, neutral curing, non-corrosive;
  • Good adhesion to glass;
  • Anti-mildew effect reaches zero level
  • Excellent weathering resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, and water resistance;
  • Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, after curing, it will not be brittle, hardened or cracked at -50℃, and will not be soft or degraded at 150℃, maintaining good strength and elasticity;
  • It has good compatibility with other neutral silicone rubbers.



260ml/280ml/300 ml/cartridge, 24 pcs/carton

590ml/sausage, 20pcs/carton

200L / Barrel

Storage and shelf live

Store in a dry environment below 27 ℃, 12 months from the date of production.


Transparent/White/Black/Grey/customer required

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    • Interior and exterior use.
    • Sealing in areas of high humidity or subject to condensation.
    • Sealing around baths, showers, basins and sanitaryware.
    • Sealing around work tops and laminates.
    • Cap sealing to metal, timber and PVCu window frames.
    • As an adhesive for fixing PVCu trims and panels.
    • General weatherproofing applications.


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