Fireproof silicone sealant

Junbond®119 is single component, neutral cure, silicone firestopping sealant classified for sealing fire-rated service penetrations

and construction joints in horizontal and vertical fire separations.

A based firestop sealant that provides maximum movement in fire-rated joints, and seals through-penetration applications in

fire-rated joints, and seals through-penetration applications Easy to use one part, neutral curing, Fire rated Sealant.





single component, easy to use, in 4℃ ~ 40℃ has good extrudability and thixotropy;
ketone oxime type, neutral curing, non corrosive;

glass, aluminum, stainless steel and other commonly used building materials have good adhesion;The flame retardant level reaches FV0

Excellent weathering resistance, uv resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance;

High and low temperature resistance performance is excellent, after curing at -50℃ constant brittle, hardening or cracking, at 150℃ constant soft, degradation, maintain good strength and elasticity;


260ml/280ml/300ml/cartridge,24 Pcs /cartons



Storage and shelf live

Store in a dry environment below 27 ℃, 12 months from the date of production.


Transparent/White/ Black/Grey/Custom color

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  • Fireproof sealant Combines excellent adhesion with durability and can be used for internal and external applications.

    * High temperature resistant bond and insulation seal for electronic and electrical industry,heating equipment and lighting
    equipment, car lamp manufacturing etc.

    * Sanitary&kitchen ceramic gaps sealing

    * For bonding of variety of aluminum plate curtain and aluminum composite panel etc;
    * Residential decoration filling and sealing,
    frame and floor filling

    * For the joint sealing of concrete, plastic, copper, lead and zinc metal, coated glass and mirror;
    * For installation of different kinds of aluminum/ plastic doors & windows.

    * Residential window and door glazing and

    application 3

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