Environmentally friendly home decoration MS Silicone Sealant

Junbond®MS sealant does not contain silicone components and solvents and does not include polyurethane groups. Most of the formulations are odorless and environmentally friendly and transfer force uniformly.

an Ordinary sealing of painted metal, concrete, stone, masonry, etc.;
Seam and ceiling sealing; Sealing of water pipes, roof gutters, etc.;
sealing of movable houses and containers;
Sealing of interior decoration;



Technical Data


1. Eco-friendly, no odor, low VOC, very safe.

2. No shrinkage after full dry.

3. Waterproof, Weatherproof

4. Paintable


260ml/280ml/300ml/310ml/cartridge,24 Pcs /cartons



Storage and shelf live

Store in a dry environment below 27 ℃, 12 months from the date of production.


Transparent/White/ Black/Grey/Custom color

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  • Sealing of welding joint of roof, inner plate and door plate.

    Floor joints, floor and inner board, floor and door joints such as sealing.

    The water proof seal of the joint of ventilator, air duct,etc.

    Water proof and anti corrosive sealing of rivets, bolts, hinges, signage, etc.

    ms sealant application

    Model No.
    Beige, Black, Grey etc.
    1.4~1.6 g/ml
    Tack free time
    20-30 minutes(23℃,50%RH)
     Curing rate
    >3.0 mm/24 h
    Hardness Shore A
    Elongation at break
    Tensile strength
    1.30~1..50 Mpa
    Service Temperature (after cured)
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