Junbond JB803 300Ml Adhesive Sealing Interior Decoration Mirror Silicone Sealant

JB 803 A selection of the best, industry-standard mastic adhesive sealants for mirror fixing and sealing. Our mirror sealant adhesives made by Junbond® is for professional mirror production and DIY use alike and all are easily applicable by standard, skeleton mastic sealant guns.



Technical Data

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Fixing mirrors or glass to tiled surfaces

One-component alcoxy neutral cures silicone sealant.

It is special formulation for mirror and glass

Deoximation type, one-component, neutral cure, easy to use.

Excellent mechanical strength.

Excellent resistance for the UV and aging, and there is no bad effect with the sunshine, rain, snow and extreme temperature.

Good compatibility with all neutral silicone sealant and silicone rubber.

Outstanding adhesion to most building materials.


300ml / Cartridge

24 pieces / Carton

200L / Barrel

Storage and shelf live

Store in the original unopened package in a dry and shady place below 27°C

9 months from manufacturing date


White/Transparent/Black/Grey/ Customer required

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    • All kinds of indoor door and window installation, kitchen and bathroom engineering installation, copper door installation;
    • Adhesive sealing of all kinds of joints in interior decoration, such as anchoring and edge sealing;
    • Glass categories such as: tempered glass, mirrors, glass characters, vanity mirrors, glass cabinet assembly, etc.;
    • Metal category such as: aluminum-plastic panels, hooks, tissue boxes, decorative paintings, toilet brush holders, photo walls, door handles, door headers, microwave ovens;
    • Wood category such as: photo wall, shelf bookshelf, seasoning rack, cabinet partition, dish rack, bath towel rack, photo frame, kitchen knife rack, etc.;
    • Ceramic tiles, stone, cement walls, wall panels, etc.;
    • Other tested and applicable applications.








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